Career Coaching

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Career Coaching

As working women, mothers, employers and entrepreneurs, we face the recurring challenge of staying focused or keeping our team on task. Reaching our goals or even evaluating them is difficult when our lives are consumed with many day to day responsibilities. Wouldn't it be great to have a personal career coach for yourself or your team? Someone who can help sort it all out. Coaches often help individuals strategize or organize areas of their lives to attain a goal. In the same way a career coach helps one put action behind intent to achieve career goals. You may wonder about the effectiveness of career coaching. Well, would you like to learn how to work smarter not harder?"

If you are truly ready to take the challenge and;

  • Uncover What Really Motivates You
  • Achieve Goals That Have Meaning To You
  • Construct a Career Path That Matches Your Lifestyle, Desires and Talents

then vist to learn more.  

Warmest regards,

Garla Smith 
Owners of Smart Moms, LLC 




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